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The World

It is the year 511 of the Unified Era.

For two years, an uneasy peace has been in place between Elyria, the kingdom of Elena's birth, and the alliance of rival states that include Athos, home of Aeron. While the war-ravaged land has taken on some semblance of stability, the only people permitted to cross borders remain the Vestra. Skirmishes continue between the neighboring kingdoms, and disease and poverty still stalk the land.


Elyria's neighbouring kingdom, it boasts a formidable army. Aeron was born here.

The Elyrian Kingdom

A kingdom which adheres to the Way of Aios, a creed which embraces the worship of many gods.

The Way of Aios

Followers are taught that there are six great principles that underpin all of nature. This religion worships the gods, both male and female, that have created this natural order. A profound respect for life in all its forms forbids followers from eating animal flesh.

The Vestra

Originally the people of the land of Vestra, after their kingdom was abolished they were forced to travel the earth as merchants. They have the power to influence the living world by means of the Oraclos Chain, which has been passed down from one generation to the next.

The Oraclos Chain

Believed to possess mysterious powers
which have now grown weak.